Technical Support and Help - Some Common Technical Issues

Requirement: An Internet Connection

The COF Contests programs require an active and constant internet connection.

While the Registration, Practice Tests, and Contest programs download completely before running on your computer, they do need an active internet connection to communicate with the COF Contest servers.

Requirement: A Desktop or Laptop Computer

The COF Contests testing programs (Practice Level, Level I, and Level II) require a desktop or laptop computer.

The COF Contests testing programs have been tested on various desktop and laptop computers running the following operating systems:

The COF Contests programs will not run on Apple iOS devices (iPads and iPhones).
The COF Contests programs will run on Chromebooks.

Requirement: Adobe Flash Plugin

The COF Contests Web-based Rich Media Applications are developed using Adobe Flash technology. The COF Contests programs run within a web-browser and require the Adobe Flash plug-in to be enabled.

If your web browser will not show the COF Contests programs, for example you receive the “Content Blocked” message, your web browser may not have the Adobe Flash plug-in turned on.

If you are having issues running the COF Contest programs or they will not appear on the screen, try the following steps based on your computer's web browser.

Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer)

  1. Select the More button (the three dots) at the upper right of the browser window.
  2. Select Setting at the bottom of the drop down menu
  3. Scroll down and select View advanced settings
  4. Locate the Use Adobe Flash Player area and select On

Apple Safari

  1. Open Preferences from the Safari menu
  2. Select the Security tab and select Internet Plug-ins
  3. Click on Plug-in Settings
  4. Select Adobe Flash Player
  5. Select On for the cofcontests.com website
  6. If cofcontests.com does not appear in the list, select On for When visiting other websites: (You may want to reset after you have finished studying and practicing on the cofcontests.com website.)

Google Chrome

  1. Type in to your browser’s address bar chrome://plugins
  2. Under Adobe Flash Player, confirm that the plugin is enabled (not Disabled)

Google Chrome on Chromebooks

  1. Open the Chrome web browser on the Chromebook
  2. In the upper right corner of the broswer window, select the three vertical dots (Customize and control Google Chrome)
  3. Select Settings (near the bottom of the list)
  4. Scroll down and select Advanced
  5. Under Privacy and Security, select Content Settings by pressing the right arrow
  6. Scroll down and Select Flash
  7. Make sure that Flash is enabled
  8. In the web browser window, go to the program you wish to view (Practice Test, Level I Contest, or Level II Contest)
  9. If the "Enable Flash Player" or some other type of pop-up box appears relating to Flash, select it to activate Flash

Mozilla Firefox

  1. From the Tools menu, select Add-ons
  2. Select Plugins
  3. Look for Shockwave Flash
  4. Select Always Activate


  1. On the plug-ins page, scroll to the Adobe Flash Player settings
  2. Select Enable

JLAB System Test
Click the following weblink to test your computer's ability to correctly display the JLAB online programs.

JLAB Computer System Test

For additional assistance, call 888-576-8287 ext. 2